Sales Central App

Linking sales personel to projects and service providers.

Where the norm is a sales executive has to apply for a vacant position, go for interviews and wait for a call back from the employer if he has gotten the job or not, the Sales Central app reduces all that with a touch of a button.

The app allows you to log in as a salesperson or a service provider. It is a sales employer solution that brings sales opportunities/projects to the salespeople without the need of them being employed by the company that is offering the service. It gives the salesperson an opportunity to have as many jobs as he can possibly complete and this motivates him to close opportunities so that he can keep accruing experience and income.

 The service provider also has advantages sing this application because he gets to spread out the word about his company and products to various people at the same time in one forum, this saves him a lot of time and costs on advertising for vacant positions.

It has a very simple and user-friendly interface. It displays the salespeople who have already registered on the app and their profiles.

The app has a sales need, an option that basically displays the projects that the sales people are working on and the different stages that they are in, e.g. initiated, ongoing, and completed projects.

The application has my learn tab that has courses that salespeople can take to enhance their skills and broaden their knowledge and the service providers can check on their skill level from this page too.

Most sales apps in the market are CRM, but this is unique because it links a salesperson to a project/service provider and the person doesn’t necessarily have to be your employee.