Odoo Survey

How to create marketing suverys or appraisal forms in Odoo.

Odoo survey app allows you to create and edit a company’s surveys effortlessly and it is very user-friendly. 

This app allows you to create forms for both internal and external users.

You could create marketing surveys, employee satisfaction surveys, appraisals, and a myriad of other surveys in three simple stages i.e draft stage means that the survey is still being created, in progress means that the survey is currently being undertaken and the closed stage means it is completed and you have your results. You can easily move the surveys from one step to the next by simply dragging and dropping them.

The survey form will have a title/heading, and an option for a questions tab where to can pose the questions you want your users to answer. Then there is the d

escription field where you can write a quality description of the survey and make it clearer to your users what you expect from them and this will also enhance their overall user experience. The last tab on the creation form is the options tab which will help you customize your form and help you get valuable feedback from the intended users. It also helps you plan the layout and choose how many pages it will be, for example, you could opt for all questions to be on one page or one page per question. The page has a progression mode where it shows how far the users have progressed and also the option for a timer and all of these are optional. It also has a scoring section and you can select what option you want either they can see scoring with answers at the end or scoring per every section. A passing score can also be put on the form by the creator of the survey.

There is a candidates section where you limit who will see the survey especially if it is for a particular department of employees and a number of attempts can be set that the user can retake the survey.

Once the questions have been set and answered the organization can easily and quickly collect the data, and analyze the answers which Odoo automatically synchronizes to your database a

nd you easily benefit from the answers that will help you improve your business or better understand your employees.

And all this is still paperless helping the community to go GREEN!!