Odoo Sign

Documents Module

Odoo has a signature feature that allows you to sign, send and upload documents online, using your mouse for example reducing the company’s paper trail significantly and it only takes a few minutes. 

This eliminates the option of having to convert your document from a PDF file to a word document to that you can be able to sign it.

The sign app allows you to make a document a priority by clicking on the favorite button and here you can send it to a recipient as well as share it with multiple people.

Tags can be added to the document depending on the department and a PDF template can be uploaded so that the signature can be affected.

This app is very convenient for signing employment contracts or new contracts for clients coming into the business and it is all paperless.


Different fields on the PDF document to enable the recipient to understand better what exactly you want from them. The fields include:

Signature- the recipients are prompted to sign by drawing a signature, uploading a local file with their signature or Odoo will offer to generate one for them using their names.

Initials – the recipients are prompted to enter their initials.

Text - this is especially when a date is required.

Multiline text- where the recipients are required to enter multiple entries.

Checkbox- to mark their answers, especially on the terms and conditions section.

Selection recipients choose an answer from multiple e.g if they are using their identification card, driver’s license, or passport to fill a particular field. 

This app is very secure as the documents are encrypted and ensure only the people on the document see it and sign it, it improves confidentiality between the parties involved

There is a log report on the document that enables all parties to see the activities undertaken on the said document and by whom.

All this is done from the comfort of your computer saving you and the prganisation a lot of time for printing, scanning, and uploading. It is all PAPERLESS!!