Odoo Referral Recruitment App

This is including employees in the day-to-day process of recruiting new staff. It entices employees to refer their friends and they gain points and they can exchange their points for gifts.

The dashboard shows you how many people you have refereed, how many are ongoing, and how many are successful if any, and points for every stage, i.e. referral, first interview, second interview, contract proposal, and contract signed. It also displays the name of the candidate and the position that they are applying for and what stage they are currently at.

The rewards program is determined by how many points the employee has for referring people and the more they have the better their rewards. The points keep increasing with every referral and every hire thereafter. As the admin, a new reward can be created especially if it is suggested by your employees and this will motivate the employees to refer more people and they will feel appreciated because their suggestions are being taken into consideration.

The app can be customized from leveling up avatars to your friends/referrals avatar. Alerts can also be created for when a new job position is posted and it will appear on the app’s dashboard and can be accessed with just a click. Onboarding messages and be customized to suit every job position.

Lastly, there are reports that will show you the progress of recruitment and which social media platform is bringing in the most referrals for your employees. It is an easy way to keep track of the employees' referrals as they can be displayed in a calendar, pivot, or graph view. All in all, it keeps the employees very motivated especially when there is a recruitment drive.