Odoo Purchases


Purchasing is the act of buying the goods and services that a company needs to operate or manufacture products. Given that the purchasing sector of an average company spends approximately 50 to 70 percent of every revenue on items from raw materials to services, there has been greater focus on purchasing in recent years as companies look at ways to lower their purchasing costs. Purchasing is now seen as more of a strategic function that can be used to control bottom-line costs. Companies are also seeking to improve purchasing processes as a means of improving customer satisfaction.

The traditional purchasing process involved several steps that have been increasingly been considered as slow and costly. For every transaction that took place, there was paper work for it. In the traditional model, purchasing was considered as a routine documentation function.

Over the years there have been systems developed to improve the purchasing process. Among the best systems include Odoo management system. Odoo is an all in one business management system.

Odoo includes a purchasing model that incorporates the whole purchasing process that can be done under 10 minutes. The purchasing process in odoo starts with Request for quotation creation, Purchase Order then vendor bills. In the Request for quotation section, as user you need to input all the information on the purchase that you are make then from there you only need to click a button to move from one stage to another.

Odoo system also has a dashboard that easily allows you to monitor your numbers from purchase orders you have made to vendor bills that are pending and which have been settled. A great advantage that comes with Odoo system is reporting system with a powerful filter feature that allows you to automatically view the reports that you wish with just a click of a button.

With Odoo, your company will have clean and fast purchasing processes as well as reduced purchasing costs. With Odoo System your company can never go wrong.