Odoo Follow up reports

Customer Payment Follow Up's

We all know of customers who are difficult to pay off and take a lot of nudging, follow up reports can help you ease up this after bank statements and payments have been reconciled. This way you’re only sending reminders to clients who haven’t paid and exclude those who have already cleared their balance. This ensures that your organization has a good cash flow to ensure payments are done to suppliers and employees.

We have to ensure the payment terms are correctly set on Odoo. To see the follow-up reports, go to the accounting menu, under customers there are follow-up reports and it will display all customers that need follow-up and if a first follow-up email has already been sent.

Once you click on a customer, a template email that can be modified is displayed and entries are edited as per your preference. Under the email there will be all pending invoices displayed and their due dates, red due date indicate that the date has already passed and it is late. You can also set follow-up levels, from the configuration in the Accounting tab, in a way that it will send the reminder a couple of days before the date is due so that the clients don't go to late payment status.

You can send an email, print it, or send it by SMS or by post. A mass follow-up can also be done from the action button and Odoo will send all the reminders to the clients who owe you. Your follow-up reminder is all set to go.