Odoo Documents App

Benefits of the Document App

This app provides a single point of access remotely and provides approval too for all documents that are always up to date. 

 It has enabled businesses to go paperless and save money from buying ink, printing paper, and storage file containers. 

It saves the company time from looking for a single document that was unfortunately misplaced by an employee or vice


This app contains everything from employees’ contracts, to clients' invoices, vendor bills, purchase and sales orders and so much more. 

 The document module is linked to the Sales, Purchases, Accounting, HR, and Inventory modules. One can upload any type of document to the documents module or create one therein.

The documents app has two key concepts, workspaces and tags. Workspaces are considered as the various key departments in your organization e.g HR, Finance, Sales, and Marketing.

Once you have the workspaces defined, you can add tags to them to differentiate the documents, since they have categories; to validate and validated. To validate means that you are still working on the document and validated means that it is ready to be sent out and you have accepted all the details of the document.

This can simply be done by selecting t

he document you want to validate on the particular workspace you have chosen and clicking validate. In the same interface, there is a button for locking the document so that other employees are aware that you are working on it and they shouldn’t then tamper with it as much as they can also work on it still.  The lock button gives a sense of ownership. There is also a tab for sharing the document via email with people in your company and also outside of your company.

You can download it, and replace options while keeping all the tags of the document intact. There is an option of splitting the file too if the file has several pages. We can also archive the file, and unarchive it and once we do, we have the option of either uploading the file again or completely deleting it.

The module allows you to add attachments to the document and preview the document without downloading the document. There is a thumbnail on the document on the left and on the right sidebar too, that enables one to preview it. There is chatter on the right sidebar that enables one to see who is following the document, log a note to a specific person, see who is following the document, send a message to all the people following the document, schedule an activity for the document and see the followers of the document.

The right sidebar allows you to see the name of the file, the owner of the file which can be changed, the tags, and the workspace on that particular file.

The files can be selected by batch and edited at the same time.